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Slow Down, Take It Easy.


Kudos to kuya Lester!

No Juan Is An Island

The secret of living a happy life is to “slow down and do one thing at a time”, my grandmother once told me.

At this day and age what people call millennial generation, it seems that almost everything has been replaced by something “instant” or readily available. Various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, and the like have served as the mainstream and traditional ways are rapidly being put into oblivion. Disappointing as it may sound but the era of fake and unverified information or news are becoming the standards of truth.

Nowadays, one could order food, clothes or whatever material thing one has in mind, online. Pay it online, and after a few days, they are delivered at one’s doorstep. One could also meet people in certain dating applications and voila, you are up for a romantic date or more, at an instant. Even in schools, some institutions would…

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Change is coming!

2019's up! This is going to be the Twistest of all the plot twists of my life! Are you ready to be surprised by the new me? Oh I'm not talking about haircuts or make overs. No. You'll see! Coming so soon.

Teka, na-miss ko ‘to!

Matagal tagal na din pala... Puro kasi blogger gamit ko... Nakaligtaan ko ng mag WordPress. Anyways. I'm back! --------------------------- Sana makatulong to sa darating na 2019! Oh 2019! You're gonna be a one hell of a year for me!

Hindi ka okay!

"uy kamusta?" "Ok lang naman..." Okay lang. Okay. O. Hay. Sinasabi mo lang yan kasi ayaw mo ng pahabain ang usapan. Hindi ka naman talaga okay. Niloloko mo lang ang sarili mo. Pero kesa piliing magpakatotoo, pinili mong magpakatanga! Gumising ka na! Tama na ang kalokohang yan!

A letter to Satan

To Satan, Among the wisest, you're the second that I know. Among those who know me well, you're the third. But don't worry, because among those who wanted to ruin my life, you're the first. I commend your consistency and determination. You never failed to act at my worst situations. You always wanted to be... Continue Reading →

Dear Batman

Lagyan natin ng ending… Bitin kasi…

…But then again. There’s no more reason to talk to anymore. So I’m taking my words back. I’m not a nun. And I don’t like monuments. Also, this isn’t an unended story. It ends right after the last goodnight. No more ‘sups’. This is it. The night is over. Sun will outshine the moon.

The end.

Perlas Ligaya

Written on 3rd of September, 2017 at 22:53 (onwards)

This is my unsaid words for you, because I seriously couldn’t say anything at all even when all we do is talk.
I haven’t met you in person, but it felt like I know what the half of your soul look like… what you made it look like to me.
I once told you who you are to me, “You’re Allen to me”, was my instant answer, the smug-bitch-faced, over self-confident, imperfect, broken, lost, badboy, gamer Allen who never failed to intimidate me infront of my own phone.
Yes you do mister, always made me feel small. So everytime the conversation ends, I always remind myself, “do not ever, EVER, talk to this guy again”.
You remember that one time I asked you why am I still talking to you, ’cause we’re definitely talking nonsense stuffs, and your answer…

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Jeepney syndrome

Dati, kapag nasakay akong jeep, di muna ako agad nagbabayad hangga't hindi ko natatanaw ang destinasyon ko. Pero may mga pagkakataon na nakapagpabago noon. Edi sumakay akong jeep, di muna ako nagbayad. Naglaro akong phone. Tapos di ko namalayan na babaan na pala... Bago pa ulit umandar yung jeep, bumaba na ako. Tapos kumalansing yung... Continue Reading →

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